There is nothing quite like waking up in a place where the only way in is to walk, carrying all you need, and the only way out is to continue on.

We set off much later at 10am and the first 90mins were challenging – straight up from the stream to the top of the ridge. This wore me out and slowed me down for the day.

The ridge had an interesting sub-alpine environment, with 3 distinct peaks. The final one at 1024m gave a thrilling view back, even as far as Bluff!

We reached the shelter of beechwood forest at 1.30pm and stopped for lunch of buckwheat crackers and cottage cheese – this time with lettuce. The final 2hrs involved a steady downhill through the all too quiet forest. We met our first TA walkers on the track – Bill and Sarah.

It was a relief to arrive at the hut at 4pm, with time to organise our stuff, wash our bodies and relax before dinner of quinoa, tofu, peas and green beans followed by Whisky flavored chia seed pudding.