Alarm at 6am and on our way at 7.30am, leaving 4 in the hut and 6 still in their tents. Managed to use the very full toilet too!

Swingbridge by Boundary hut.

The morning was spent walking over open moorland that reminded me of North Yorkshire and again made me think of Hobbits. We stopped at the lovely Taipo hut for lunch of buckwheat crackers, cream cheese, lettuce, celery. Nine of last night’s companions were due to stay here, plus it seemed too early in the day to stop, so we decided to push on to Greenstone hut.

Swingbridge by Taipo hut.

We soon came to the Southland / Otago border, where moorland gives way to forest.

Southland / Otago border
View back to Southland.
View into Otago.

The walk down to Greenstone hut was boggy, but not too challenging. We arrived at 6.30pm, making this our first 11 hour day. We are beginning to feel like real TA walkers! I prepared our second Gardener’s pie while Martyn put the tent up. We were surprised but very pleased to see cyclist David, with his bike, sometime later. He had made it through in about 11hrs as well. Amazing!

Campsite at Greenstone hut.