Once again, our planned two rest days have turned into four. Once again, this is partly due to the weather (heavy rain or hail, snow to low levels, strong winds) and partly due to another trip to the doctor’s – this time seeking treatment for my infected finger.

The photo I can’t put on Facebook.

We totally enjoyed our two nights at the Camp Glenorchy eco-lodge – composting toilets and all. Our first ensuite accommodation and our first complimentary breakfast. Of course, there was nothing I could eat, so I cooked eggs and ate spare buckwheat crackers or rice.

Our “Lancewood” eco-lodge.
River themed gardens at The Homestead.

Finding food for me in Glenorchy proved to be quite a challenge. Friday night’s dinner was beer battered fish and chips with carrot and mesclun lettuce salad at the pub. Not ideal, but I was super hungry and I seem to have got away with it. Saturday lunch was tofu and rice from Mrs Woolly’s store, supplemented by some spare dried peas. Dinner with our friend Nimu involved her chickpeas, carrot and potato. On Sunday we borrowed her car to drive into Queenstown to resupply for our unplanned extended stay, as well as seeking medical help for my finger. So my diet is now back to normal, with the addition of live yogurt to offset the effects of the antibiotics.

Spot my dish in amongst the dahl bart that Nimu prepared for Martyn.

We are now in Queenstown, packed and ready to set off on the trail again tomorrow. If was really nice to catch up with Sarah and Bill for a cup of tea this afternoon (see Day 7).

Our room has a lake view if you lean out of the window.