A day of urban walking, but still quite varied. Initially along the lake front in Queenstown, eying the snow on the mountains with mixed feelings. Then into Frankton retail area, where we got coffee from a hole-in-the-wall place. Lucky I have my keep cup with me. Thanks Gail! I discovered that Ceres brown rice crackers dipped in creamy decaf latte are quite delicious.

Then over the old Shotover bridge and along some roads to Lake Hayes for lunch of those rice crackers with hard boiled eggs, lettuce and cucumber.

Old Shotover Bridge
Lake Hayes

We passed this interesting water trough on the way. Designed so horses do not need to be untethered and with a lower level for dogs to drink from.

Then on through Millbrook resort until we finally came to Arrowtown holiday park. Risotto, chicken, cabbage and carrot for dinner tonight. After we have met up with Anthony and Elkie again.