Christmas day in Dunedin was wonderful. Florence and Ashim gathered together Nepali, Australian and Hong Kong citizens for a memorable feast.

On Boxing Day Martyn, Florence and I drove in Florence’s car down to Colac Bay and parked at the pub. We set off down the road towards the notorious Longwood forest. We had to miss this out last year due to Martyn’s leg injury and stormy weather.

It is indeed very beautiful, as you can see from our two lunch spots. It is also super muddy! We made it to Martin’s hut in a respectable 71/2 hrs. The next day was much longer, close to 12hrs. We were super fortunate with hitching the next day. The first car took us at least 30km out of his way to Riverton, where we were picked up by the Colac Bay landlord a few minutes later. Half an hour after that, we were tucking into his amazing blue cod and chips.

Special thanks to my beautiful Florence for keeping us company on this leg of our journey and for looking after me when the going got tough. #teararoa

Lunch spot #1 Frittata
Lunch spot #2 pita bread and cashew nut butter
Lunch spot #3 blue cod and chips at Colac Bay tavern