Today I woke up on the back of the ancient Takitimu waka, as Ngai Tahu believe. I would have loved a lie in, but we were up and crossing the river by 8.30am. Then with boots back on we set off up and down gullies through the forest landscape. At 11am we met Kristy and Barbara, stopped to chat, left Martyn’s cap behind.

Under instructions to snack more often, I polished off rice crackers, cashews, dried pear, homemade muesli and carob bars. At our meal breaks I enjoyed hummus with the buckwheat crackers and lettuce. The box of crackers has lasted 3 days – just.

A final push through swampy scrubland and over a swing bridge to Aparima hut. The “Gardener’s Pie” tonight had insufficient mashed potato for Martyn. We’ll need to buy more to top up future portions.