We got packed up this morning fully intending to follow Amanda’s plan of transporting our packs to Albert Town in her car, then returning and walking with us to Albert Town before we set off to walk to Lake Hawea.

Part A and B of this plan worked well, but during the walk to Albert Town I felt so tired, my feet and knees hurt and I began to fall behind the others. I realised that the joy had gone out of walking and I was more than ready to accept Amanda’s kind offer of driving us to Hawea.

But first, our planned stop at the French patisserie in Albert Town. I treated myself to a croissant, as a reward for sticking closely to my diet for the previous 5 weeks. I did check the ingredients, and they sounded Failsafe on this gluten day.

Then into the car for an easy trip to Lake Hawea, where we will stay with our friends Nig and Rhi for a couple of days. Our “Araroa” (long path) is over for a while.